The Los Angeles County African American Infant and Maternal Mortality (AAIMM) Initiative is a countywide coalition dedicated to addressing the high rates of Black infant and maternal deaths. Black mothers are four times more likely to die from pregnancy complications than their white counterparts. Black infants are three times more likely to die within their first year of life when compared to white babies. AAIMM members include the Los Angeles County Health Agency, First 5 LA, community-based organizations, mental and health care providers, funders, and community members

Central to the AAIMM approach is understanding the pathway from the mother’s lived experience to infant health. In this framework, the root cause of birth disparities is identified as the stress caused by a Black person’s exposure to racism and the impact of that stress on a Black woman’s body. This stress is further compounded by social, economic, and political structures in society that perpetuate racism, as well as the presence of implicit and overt bias in the systems of support that interact with Black families.


Please join us to end the injustice of Black infant and Maternal deaths. Our Community Action Team (CAT) brings together community members, organizations, and leaders from public health to lead efforts to end Black infant and maternal mortality in their neighborhoods and communities. Please indicate your interest when you leave your information in the contact section. A member of one of our SF/SCV Community Action Team will reach out to you!

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AAIMM Doula Event March 22, 2024

African American Infant & Maternal Mortality (AAIMM) and Black Moms in the Valley (BMITV) organized a celebration to honor the excellent work of Doulas in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys.

Los Angeles County AAIMM initiative considered for RWJF 2023 prize

Community members, agencies/organizations, and LA County representatives met with RWJF evaluators to discuss AAIMM work. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Culture of Health Prize honors the work of communities that foster health and wellbeing for all by addressing systemic inequities. In the 10 years since it launched, the Prize has recognized more than 50 communities across the country that are at the forefront of advancing health, opportunity, and equity for all. The Prize announcement is expected by the end of August. The African American Leadership Organization (AALO) serves as the Backbone Agency for AAIMM SPA2. For more information about AAIMM, please visit: www.blackinfantsandfamilies.org


BIRTHING JUSTICE, a feature-length documentary film, centers on the expertise and lived experiences of Black women and their advocates. As cameras follow women through pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum period, medical and social justice experts expose the challenges they face—including genetic predispositions, chronic stress, racial bias, culturally ignorant care, and barriers to adequate healthcare.


Pictured left: Shameeka Correia-Fill, LA County Public Health Nurse, Kei Kei Lee, Coco Moms Executive Director and Jessica Sullivan, AAIMM Backbone Lead and AALO Executive Director

CoCo Moms is an organization of Black women committed to providing services and programs for Black women and children. https://cocomomsofscv.wixsite.com/website/contact


The San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys African American Infant & Maternal Mortality (AAIMM) Community Action Team was happy to partner with Coco Moms as a major sponsor.


We had a sold-out event with a rooftop reception, watched a thought-provoking documentary and had an inspiring conversation with a superb panel including the director on how to improve the outcomes and change the narrative related to Black Maternal Health.” Kei Kei Lee, Coco Moms.

Celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week

August 26, 2023 – The AAIMM SPA 2 Community Action Team organized a Baby Shower Brunch to celebrate Black Breastfeeding Week in the San Fernando Valley! Our guests were welcomed to a private room at the “Local Peasant” restaurant in Sherman Oaks. A delicious buffet brunch with signature “mocktails” (no alcohol) was ready for the ladies to enjoy.

Our survey results indicated that women wanted to learn more about successful breastfeeding and lactation practices. We invited experts to present information and answer questions. Chanel Selvaraji is a Certified Lactation Counselor trained at UC San Diego. Aqueelah Russel is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Two guests won free consulting services with our experts!

There were free breast pumps available, diapers, baby clothes and a prize for the winner of the baby shower game! The most important thing that happened is that Black Moms got to connect and share their stories and break the feeling of isolation that Black women in the SFV often express. There was laughter and a few tears. We are building The Village!