AALO works with community members, civil leaders, private and public entities to provide a dynamic environment for dialogue on key issues. Working together we create a more effective legacy to benefit future generations and sustain the common good for African American communities in the San Fernando Valley, Antelope Valley and greater Los Angeles.


We strive to unify the voices of African Americans concerning issues of vital importance in their communities. This is unapologetically our focus and we accomplish this goal by acting as a trusted organization that strengthens and enhances the community by harnessing the power of unity through service.


The African American Leadership Organization celebrates the life of America’s greatest champion of racial justice and social equality, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This is the reason AALO exists.

In 2008, AALO began as an informal organization to help serve African American communities with programs to address specific socio-cultural, socioeconomic, and family needs. In 2012, AALO received status as an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We continue to serve African American communities by securing grants and resources. AALO collaborates with other organizations to provide programs and resources. Community dialogue is initiated, and an environment of trust is developed to address vital areas of need identified by members of underserved African American communities. Our grassroots approach of deploying outreach programs, hosting community events, and facilitating conversations with local and civic leaders have been phenomenally successful. AALO ensures community voices are heard to develop sustainable solutions for the challenges these communities face.

Community Events

AALO has designed and developed numerous programs focused on the unique challenges of the African American community such as infant mortality disparity which includes the importance of prenatal care and sociocultural support, Fatherhood best-practice approaches to challenges as an African-American male, parental advocacy in the public education system, direction on finding affordable healthcare, and how to contact local officials or government agencies to address specific issues of their families or communities.

  • BIH (Black Infant Health Program)
  • FLIP (Father’s Lifetime Involvement Program)
  • FOCUS (Families of Color United Seeking Solutions)
  • LEAP (Leadership Education Action Plan)
  • LA CARE (Oral Hygiene Program)

AALO has a reputation for organizing and facilitating community outreach programs by utilizing a grassroots approach. We have assisted other non-profit organizations, county, city, and civic entities in developing strategies to reach underserved populations. Key services AALO offers include: Community Outreach, Advocacy, Program Development, Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, and Needs Assessment. These numerous collaborative programs with public and private organizations help to promote the delivery of social service resources to underrepresented communities. Program Partners have included:

  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Best Start
  • LA Care
  • El Proyecto del Barrio
  • First 5 LA
  • LA County of Public Health

Meet the AALO Team!

Robert Winn Headshot

Robert Winn,

President & CEO

Robert (Bob) Winn is a co-founder of the African American Leadership Organization. He has acted as AALO President & CEO since the founding of the organization. Bob served in the United States Army with honor and distinction. Bob was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He marched with Congressman John Lewis across Pettus Bridge in 1965 on “Bloody Sunday”. He has been a church deacon in the San Fernando Valley for over 50 years, and he is an active board member on many committees and commissions. He strives to advance racial, economic, and social justice in the San Fernando Valley, Antelope Valley, and LA County. Bob’s current and previous community involvement includes:

• Mission College President’s Committee
• El Proyecto del Barrio, Chair of the Corporate Board
• SFV NAACP Executive Board and Chair of Political Action Committee
• SFV Boys and Girls Club Resource Board
• Former Director of Community Services, United Food & Commercial Workers Int’l, Local 770
• State Commission of the Department of Corrections

Jessica R. Sullivan,

Executive Director

Jessica Sullivan is the Executive Director of AALO. She joined AALO in 2012 when the organization became an official non-profit organization. In her role, Jessica provides leadership in developing programs to serve the community. She works directly with the board to execute financial and long-term organizational plans. She leads efforts to assist in staff development and volunteer programs. Jessica holds degrees in communications, has published articles on the injustice of African American incarceration, and is a career marketer with over 20-years of experience.

Marlene Rowlett,

Corporate Board Secretary

Marlene Rowlett is a founding member of AALO. After her corporate success in the healthcare financial management and pharmaceutical industries, Marlene found a true passion. Her focus in infant mortality is well-documented. Her work with the Black Infant Health Program in the SFV as the community liaison and program manager brought awareness and support for the program. Marlene’s tireless efforts as Board Secretary ensures AALO participates in targeted grant opportunities to serve community needs. She acts as a liaison with agency partners, and she works directly with civic leaders to gain support for key initiatives for African American communities.